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About us

Work at home Academy is an academy that teaches everyone who wants to have a flexible working hours how to make their own projects from their homes.

"Work at home Business" became a new demand in our fast life , especially for women and new Moms who want to have the ability to take care of her family and in the same time have her own work done.

All the teaching process in the academy is done through people who are working from home. They want to help everyone to start his/her new business. It’s easy, all you need is an idea and the patience to make your project up and running. Now every mom could have her own business and still have the time to take care of her family members.

We make the Teaching Process in the academy to be online in order to provide a great Flexibility in time and place. You could learn from anywhere at anytime. The teachers are talented females that will help you to achieve your Goals.

Our Academy will give you the basics of Home Business .It will teach you:

  • How to set your goals
  • How to choose your own project that fits your Qualifications
  • How to make your own Business plan
  • How to market your project online

It's no longer hard to make money from home, Join us and you will see how easy to make money and be comfort at the same time.


Our vision is to extend the cultural realization of working at home.


Our mission is to provide new ideas of work at home business, and facilitate the work at home concept to encourage people all over the world to make money from doing things they love.


  • Providing Online teaching environment that gives the students the flexibility of learning beyond space and time.
  • Teaching People new ways to make extra income through working from home.
  • Publishing new ideas for different Home Business activity.
  • Encouraging people to start their own Business and how to make a effective Business Plan.
  • Teaching People how to use new technology to market their Projects.
  • Graduating a new generation from entrepreneurs who have the ability to make projects online.
  • Publishing the Idea of working at home all over the world especially for the Women who want to take care of both her family and her work.

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